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NEW! Phone Accessories MYSTERY Box

NEW! Phone Accessories MYSTERY Box

  • Cruelty Free
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteen
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  • Huge mix of Phone and Tablet Accessories 
  • Items consist mostly of phone and tablet cases, chargers, screen protectors, stands, headphone cases, and any other accessories related. 
  • Mostly brand new and package damaged merchandise
  • 50 items in the box
  • Retail value per box is well over $1,000!
  • Your cost is $0.80 per item
  • Pictures here are for illustration purposes showing items found in these boxes. There is no guarantee you will get any specific items in your boxes, but you will get a lot of interesting items, for sure...
  • Once you buy one, you will want to buy them over and over...  

Pros & Cons of Buying a Phone Accessories Mystery Box 

The Quicklotz Phone Accessories mystery boxes offer a surprise assortment of phone accessories at a highly discounted price, which can be a pro for those looking for a fun and unique shopping experience or to make big profits reselling. Additionally, the boxes may include a mix of useful phone accessories, allowing the buyer to try out new products.

However, since the items are sourced from liquidated inventory, there is a possibility that the phone accessories may be damaged or outdated. Additionally, the items may not be compatible with the buyer's phone or match their personal style, making the purchase a bit of a gamble. 

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